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Grand Vin
de Bordeaux  

The name of Lafitte can be traced back to the 18th century when, on 12 February 1763, a well-known wine merchant in the local region of Camblanes, Raymond Lafitte, bought and named the estate. The eponymous wine – a Premières Côtes de Bordeaux – has been produced, vinified and bottled at the property in Camblanes et Meynac by a succession of owners and most recently the company Château Lafitte. The name is cited in the second edition of theLe Féret wine guide, clearly showing the excellent reputation the Bordeaux had already acquired by 1868. 

In 1970, the property was bought by Juliette Mengin, who was won over by the estate’s strategic location as well as its magnificent view overlooking the Garonne valley. The shrewd and dynamic businesswoman set about organising an intense planting campaign and the ambitious building of a new fermentation room to hold the future harvests, thus playing a crucial role in the growth of Château Lafitte.

Her son Max Mengin took the helm in 1991, bringing new impetus to Château Lafitte’s commercial operations thanks to his international experience.After completing his oenology studies, Philippe Mengin, Juliette’s grandson, travelled the world for many years to learn the wine export business. Philippe introduced new, more modern practices, which contributed to making significant improvements to the quality of the wine and opened up considerably more channels for exporting the wine from the family-owned estate.

Today, around 95% of the wine is exported and has garnered an excellent reputation around the world.

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